Developing Reading & Writing Skills

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Product Description

Just English Developing Reading and Writing Skills (Elementary) is
the second book in the Just English Reading and Writing series. It aims
to develop on students’ basic knowledge of reading and writing skills. The
lessons in the book guide students to decipher written texts by applying
knowledge of not just reading skills, but also word and sentence skills.
The lessons also instruct students on different types of writing and provide
opportunities for them to put their writing skills to practice in controlled and
free writing activities.

    Each lesson unit in this book consists of:

  • a Pre-reading task to introduce the topic and/or reading skill;
  • two reading passages with vocabulary and comprehension
    exercises to practise targeted skills in the units;
  • a Sentence Skills section to highlight certain aspects of grammar,
    sentence structure and punctuation relevant for mastery of writing
  • a Writing Skills section to introduce and instruct students on
    different types of writing, primarily narrative, descriptive and
  • a Speaking task to foster critical thinking skills and provide
    opportunity for further discussion beyond the topic. A task
    requiring a short written response follows the discussion.
  • There are three Review Units in the book for further practice.
    The book features a variety of topics ranging from those of common (and
    not so common) knowledge to current issues with the hope that, through
    exposure to these topics, students’ spectrum of vocabulary and
    knowledge will expand to boost their confidence to use the language more
    Complete lesson plans and PowerPoint slides to aid teaching are
    available on request.