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Read It Right 3(2021)

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Product Description

Read It Right is a three-level series that aims to teach students to be strategic readers. Read It Right 3 is intended for students of upper-intermediate level proficiency in secondary school. Each level targets reading strategies using authentic texts spanning a wide range of themes, which are meant to keep students engaged and interested. The main goal of the Read It Right series is to give students practice to comprehend reading.

Read It Right 3 is composed of 30 lessons. Each lesson comes complete with pre-reading, while-reading and post-reading activities. The pre-reading precedes the text and stimulates students through tasks to activate their prior knowledge on the subject of the text. In each lesson, a reading strategy is targeted, and students are given practice in using the strategy. Additional post-reading comprehension tasks challenge the students on their understanding of the text. Each lesson concludes by taking the students Beyond the text, with activities that require students to conduct online research or engage in other follow-up activities that are designed to make them become autonomous readers.

Reading strategies covered in the Read It Right 3 are:
– Identifying topic and outlining main ideas
– Understanding narratives
– Scanning
– Contrasting
– Summarising
– Skimming for the gist
– Paraphrasing
– Making and checking predictions
– Identifying cause-and-effect patterns
– Cause-effect diagrams
– SQ3R, K-W-L, QAR strategies
– Using contextual clues – suffixes and prefixes
– Inferring for implied meaning
– Inferring for effects, conclusions and judgments
– Sequencing, story grammar and timelines
– Making annotations
– Critical thinking and critical reading
– Distinguishing facts from opinions
– Word mapping


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